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Amazing YouTube channels for the Classical musician in you

Classical musician

It would not be an overstatement if someone said that YouTube has taken over the world. YouTube channels with over 100 million subscribers, and billions of views, have become household names. You probably do not go to sleep without watching at least one YouTube video forwarded to you by someone you know. And don’t get us started on the suggestions section that can lead you down into an endless rabbit hole that even Alice wouldn’t want to enter. If you are a Classical music fanatic or if you just enjoy a bit now and then, you are going to love…

How Classical Music has managed to stay popular even in the 21st century


Love it or hate it, but there is no denying the fact that a massive number of people still worship Classical music even in the day and age of experimental and electronic music. Unlike specific genres of music like ambient pop or shoegaze that have found its niche among particular groups of people, classical music, whether you liked it or not, always finds a way to be a part of your life. You might be in the audience at a Las Vegas show or sitting at home listening to an ad on the TV when a part of your brain remarks that you recognize the music playing in the background.

Music Therapy: How Classical Music can help improve your mental well-being


Music is often called the food of the soul, and we have to agree, it does sound appropriate. As the years pass and your age goes up, things get more overwhelming and frustrating. There are too many things we must manage, too many important decisions to make, and you must always think of the consequences before you do anything. You get a few hours in the evenings to try and put away all your worries and unwind. For some people, it means engaging in a hobby such as playing their favourite video games, but for most, unwinding involves a suitable…

The Greatest Classical Music Pieces to enrapture your auditory senses

Classical Music

Music tastes differ wildly from individual to individual, and that is a well-known fact. When peppy, danceable rock and roll music became a big deal, and it seemed like everybody loved it, the public aptly named it Popular music or pop music for short, and today it is a whole genre on its own. When it comes to classical music, there are a few that everybody will recognize, not by name, but by the extraordinarily familiar and overused notes that they keep hearing in different kinds of settings. Classical musicians can be seen scoffing at these pop-classical pieces and will…