What can I start learning Classical Music?

There is no fixed time and age to start learning classical music. While some inherit classical music from their parents, others develop a taste for it over time. The adults may feel that it is too late to start learning an instrument, but all they really have to do is find a person who can […]

How Classical Music has managed to stay popular even in the 21st century

Love it or hate it, but there is no denying the fact that a massive number of people still worship Classical music even in the day and age of experimental and electronic music. Unlike specific genres of music like ambient pop or shoegaze that have found its niche among particular groups of people, classical music, whether you liked it or not, always finds a way to be a part of your life. You might be in the audience at a Las Vegas show or sitting at home listening to an ad on the TV when a part of your brain remarks that you recognize the music playing in the background.

The Greatest Classical Music Pieces to enrapture your auditory senses

Music tastes differ wildly from individual to individual, and that is a well-known fact. When peppy, danceable rock and roll music became a big deal, and it seemed like everybody loved it, the public aptly named it Popular music or pop music for short, and today it is a whole genre on its own. When […]