How Classical Music has managed to stay popular even in the 21st century

Love it or hate it, but there is no denying the fact that a massive number of people still worship Classical music even in the day and age of experimental and electronic music. Unlike specific genres of music like ambient pop or shoegaze that have found its niche among particular groups of people, classical music, whether you liked it or not, always finds a way to be a part of your life. You might be in the audience at a Las Vegas show or sitting at home listening to an ad on the TV when a part of your brain remarks that you recognize the music playing in the background. Or, you might be listening to the new album by your favourite K Pop group when you catch a few notes and wonder where you have heard it before. The answer, most of the times, is classical music.

It is common knowledge that a solid foundation is necessary to build something. For the music industry today, that foundation is provided by classical music. Musicians and composers often turn to these old pieces for inspiration and often knowingly or unknowingly, fashion out their works in a way that resembles those pieces.

You must be familiar with Lo-Fi music that you use to set a mood, to improve focus, etc. So many of the classical works can seamlessly integrate with the kind of music people enjoy while relaxing. The most popular pieces have also come to be associated with specific emotions, such as melancholy, jubilance, wonder, etc.

Attending an orchestra is a whole another experience on its own where the audience is filled with amazement at the numerous instruments playing in perfect harmony to create wonderful music. Attending an orchestral performance is considered a special occasion by most, indicating that classical music and the ability to enjoy it directly from the source is not considered a trivial matter. Unlike pop music concerts with screaming fans and senseless crowds, classical music performances bring with them a feeling of dignity and grandeur that you cannot easily find otherwise.

Parents continue to encourage their children to train using musical instruments, and the basics taught are always compositions by the old masters. The children who go on to become professional musicians do so with this solid base in classical music.

Classical Music

The masterpieces written by the composers of previous eras continue to be timeless and fill our lives even when we don’t see or recognize them. The pieces bring with them familiarity and comfort, and it always feels good when you identify a piece or the music playing.

Classical music is not dying out any time soon since it is knitted into the seams of our lives and our interactions with the objects around us. We will continue to enjoy and cherish it, even subconsciously, in the days to come.